Thursday, January 7, 2010


Avatar and how it related to our Lebanese Resistance

They've sent us a message... that they can take whatever they want. Well we will send them a message. That this... this is our land!

One of the most beautiful humane epic movies I've ever watched, Avatar holds content much deeper than just the outstanding technology and breathtaking visual and music effects; humane values of the sense of belonging, land loving, and rebellion scream so loud.

Of course, the naive, the media oriented, the politically ignorant or politically controlled have as usual conspiracy theories about anything that has rebellion and nativity in its core. I take this from Sam Adams' article on

The Christian watchdog site Movieguide warns that the film “contains strong environmentalist content and… a strong Marxist overtone.”
Sam also believes that Avatar’s attackers seem to be alone in recognizing the film’s political content.

However, being an Avatar fan and definitely not an attacker, I do believe the movie has political content, whether intended in this way or not.

So what exactly is wrong with political content? Why do some people believe that revolution and defiance is something negative? Oh of course, it's because they relate all these values to Terrorism. But in the movie, it clearly shows which side is being a terrorist. Oh, but wait, not only in the movie, in real life too.

I strongly related to this movie as it relates to a land where an actual massacre, an actual revolution, and an actual victory took place; my home land, Lebanon. The Israeli savages that always thought they were superior and gave themselves the right to exist through consuming the lives, the cultures, and the lands of others. Of course, what happened in Lebanon is not nearly as savage as what had happened and is still happening in Palestine. But having lived the recent July war of 2006, and many other wars growing up in South Lebanon, I related to my and any people's own sufferings.

Many parts of the movie reminded me of our resistance in south Lebanon; i remembered the dark nights with F16s roaring over our heads. It reminded me of the falling houses, the burning trees, the blood, the pain, and the weeping mothers and children. But most of all, it reminded me of the victory and pride brought to us by restless souls that stood against machines that had no souls, stood against and fought, and then won; the mighty rebels that the ignorant call terrorists.

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