Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hezbollah's Facts about Israel's Hand in Hariri Assasination

Last night, all eyes and ears were dedicated to Sayid Hassan Nasrallah’s awaited press conference. Statements, videos, reports, and analysis all leading to the possibility that Israel was behind the assassination of PM Hariri.

Sayid Hassan clearly said that what he was about to disclose was not incriminating evidence, they were facts that if assembled could and should point fingers at Israel. I think the only thing Sayid Nasrallah wished he could avoid was having to disclose what might be considered sensitive information related to the way Hezbollah has been working. Although Sayid also declared that Israel might have already known some of this information, it still was new to the public. The key information has to do with hacking the Israeli surveillance planes and intercepting their video signals. This was done thanks to the impressive and hard efforts o young f Lebanese intellect.
Report after report and video after video, the puzzle became clear. Hardly any further analysis was needed to comprehend and put the final pieces together.
The facts are:

•Israel was monitoring the movements of PM Hariri before the assassination and was considering all possible angles and routes.
•A Lebanese Israeli spy was present the day before the assassination in the area where the explosion took place.
•Reports concerning Israeli air force movement prior, during, and after the assassination show that something had been cooking.
•Israel was trying to convince PM Hariri that Hezbollah wanted to kill him way before 2005.

As usual, some people in Lebanon always have a date with skepticism and disloyalty after every speech Sayid Nasrallah makes. Several journalists and politicians said that even though what Sayid Hassan showed was highly important, there still is no reason why Israel would do this.
The motive?
People, this is Israel we are talking about. Anything that might put a shaking country like ours into more instability would be of benefit. So how about 5 years of instability, hatred, accusations, blood, and more blood? Isn’t that benefiting enough for our eternal enemy?
Talal Salman, editor in chief of As-safir Newspaper asked a question to Sayid Hassan about why did he not mention the political issues in the country during 2005.
These political issues, that we all know, and that Sayid Hassan was very short on time to go through, are what reflect one of the several Motives for Israel to kill PM Hariri.

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